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POS Cloud Integration

Last updated: 02-Sep-2022
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POS Cloud is a cloud-based solution that provides merchants with enhanced insight into their business and interoperability with any processor. In addition, the scalable cloud POS offering and the new suite of mobile products address merchants’ requests for mobile terminals providing flexibility and lower cost of ownership. 




  • Enterprise-level capability to small businesses.
  • A modern interface and communications:
    • JSON REST API – an industry-standard POS Integration method. 
  • Web Socket Connection:
    • Persistent two-way connection.
    • Auto-negotiated Security & Auto-reconnect.
    • Communication type change reconnection. For example, WiFi to 4G.

Key Features

  • Cloud POS can communicate with locally connected devices.
  • Easily connect to mobile devices without having to know the IP address.
  • Drive multiple devices from a single POS device.

Supported countries

Currently, our point-of-sale solution is only available in the United States, EMEA, and Australia.

To proceed further, navigate to the Getting Started page. You can also check out the POS Cloud API Reference.

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