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In-store payments

Testing Payment Transaction Capabilities

Last updated: 02-Mar-2023

Once you have the API Key and the User ID, follow the steps to test the APIs.


  1. Ensure you have the terminals onboarded on Verifone central.
  2. Ensure POS Cloud service is configured in the terminals.
  3. Ensure POS cloud service is up and running.
  4. Ensure to have the API Key generated and UID created.
  5. Ensure BaseAuth key is generated.
  6. Ensure Integrator collection is imported on POSTMAN.

Importing the Integrator Collection onto POSTMAN

Once the Basic Auth key is generated, follow the steps to import the integrator collection.

  1. Download the Integrator Collection .zip archive.
  2. Save and unzip the file in the local drive.
  3. Go to <POSTMAN> -> Import.
  4. Click here to import the integrator collection onto the local drive and upload it onto the POSTMAN. The uploaded integrator collection will be displayed on the POST screen. Picture17
  5. Upload the zip file from the local drive and click Import. The integration file will now be available on the POSTMAN.

Device Configuration

The terminal received from the Verifone Warehouse will be configured for POS Cloud Integration.

Follow the steps to ensure the terminal is configured for POS Cloud Integration:

Step 1: Go to the terminal Verifone Launcher Screen.

Step 2: Go to the Option Sequence Verifone Launcher Screen - > Device Manager -> Transaction Options -> Terminal.1.

Step 3: Set the following parameter to the given value:

<POS Cloud Enabled> =1

<POS Cloud URL > = Enter the URL for the respective region.

Testing the API

Once the Basic Auth key is placed in the Authentication textbox and the Integration file in downloaded, follow the steps to test the API.

  1. Change Authorization type to No Auth.Picture18
  2. On the left pane, select the API to execute.  Picture19
  3. Enter the URL<https://localhost:8080/oidc/poscloud/nexo/status> and click Send to execute the API. The Success response status message appears in the response field.

To execute the Connection Status API


Select connection status API from the left pane. Enter the server URL and click Send.

The connection status response will be displayed in the response filed.

To execute Sale API

Select the Sale API from the left pane. Enter the server URL and click Send.

The Sale response will be displayed in the response filed.


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