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In-store payments

Secure Commerce Application (SCA)

Last updated: 30-Jan-2023
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SCA POS point classic is a EMV-certified and PCI Compliant, subscription based service that removed payment logic from the POS, limiting PCI & PA-DSS exposure. Point classic is supported by both encryption and tokenization, plus access to comprehensive estate management tools and world-class help desk support.

Point classic’s flexible design connects merchants to multiple processors via Verifone’s payment gateway, providing a truly end-to-end solution. Merchants not only have access to a high-speed, secure transaction processing platform for various payment types, they can also gain valuable insights about their business using Verifone’s comprehensive reporting and business intelligence tools.

Getting started

1. To view the documentation you need to log in. Otherwise, contact your sales representative for site access.

2. After you have signed up for an account and it has been approved you will receive access to the download section, where you can find the following guides for reference:


3. Order a devkit.

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