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Use Pay by Link with Klarna

Last updated: 01-Sep-2022
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If Klarna is part of your payment methods portfolio, you can use the steps below to generate a payment link using this payment method.

Pay by link is a functionality that is used mostly for when merchant's websites are down and they still need to run transactions and for when merchants want to do a custom offer to the shoppers.

  1. Log in to your Verifone Central account.
  2. Navigate to Payment tools.
  3. Click on Pay by Link.

Klarna Pay by Link

  4.  Click on Create Payment Link.

Create Payment Link

  5.  On the Create Payment Link page:

  • Select the Organisation from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the Payment Contract for Klarna Ecomm.
Merchants can keep the box empty because the transaction amount is calculated when merchants add the product. The total amount is then reflected in the Transaction Amount box from the product list. See step 8.

Create Payment Link Page

  6. Set expiration date based on hours, days, and months:

  • Type in in box the numeric value of the number of hours, days, or months. 
  • Select from drop-down menu how many hours, days or months the Pay by Link link should be valid
  • You can send the link to the customer in two ways: 
    • Send link by email - type the shopper's email. 
    • Send link by phone number - type the hopper's phone number.

PBL link settings

   7.  Send transaction for capture.

  • If the checkbox is checked, the email notification will be sent automatically via email or not. If the checkbox is not checked, you will send the Pay by Link manually.  
  • Complete Merchant Reference with the number of the invoice. (optional field)

Send transaction for capture

  8.  Add products or services:

  • Add the name of the product or service. 
  • Select from the drop-down menu the quantity.
  • Type the Amount per unit.
  • Add Tax (VAT if applicable) in numeric value. If it is not applicable, add 0 as the amount. 
  • You can add more products by clicking on the Add Product button. 
  • You can remove products or services by clicking on the Remove Product button. 
   The Name,  Quantity,  Amount per unit, Tax fields are mandatory fields. If you don't apply any tax, add 0. 
  • You can see the total tax amount for all of the 6 products (for example: Tax SEK 351.261).
  • You can see the total price amount for all of the 6 products (for example: SEK 2,200.00).

Add Billing Address

  9.  Add customer details.

  • Add First Name.
  • Add Last Name.
  • Type and select from drop-down menu the specific Country code (example: +46 for Sweden).
  • Insert the shopper's Phone Number
  • Add Email Address.
  • Add Tax Identification Number or National Id.
   The  First nameLast Name, Country code, Phone number, Email Address, Tax Identification Number and National ID fields are mandatory.

Add Customer Details

10.  Add billing details.

  • Add Address Line 1.
  • Add Postal Code.
  • Add City.
  • Select Country from the drop-down menu. 
  • Province/State is optional
   Address Line 1,  Postal code,  City and  Country are mandatory fields.
        If the billing and the shipping address are not the same, uncheck "The shipping address is the same as the billing address" box.
  • Create a Pay by link by clicking on the Create Payment Link button.
  • You can cancel the process of creating a Pay by link by clicking on the Discard button. 

11.  Copy the link.

  • A pop-up will be displayed in Verifone Central. 
  • You can copy the link and send it via email to the customer manually. 

payment link email

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