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2Checkout Release Notes for February 2024

| 03.13.2024

Items released in production in February 2024:

Added support for the Google Pay wallet through API v6 (REST, JSON-RPC, SOAP protocols). Google Pay is used on nearly 800.000 websites as a secure payment gateway.
The MD5 hashing algorithm will be discontinued on May 15th 2024 and replaced with SHA2/SHA3. Until that time, all impacted areas need to be updated to use the new hashing algorithm. For more information and detailed instructions, check the Migration guide from MD5 to SHA2/SHA3 algorithm documentation.
Fixed a defect in Control Panel that prevented subscription expiration notifications from being sent to partners.
Fixed an issue in Control Panel that caused the User Activity report to take too long to load and also caused errors when searching for longer periods of time.
Fixed an issue in API calls that prevented the LCN from being sent when changing the payment method on the subscription.
Fixed a defect in Control Panel that caused price update notifications to be sent incorrectly for a new purchase whenever the renewal price equaled the initial price.
Fixed an issue in Channel Manger that prevented the partner password expiration emails from being sent to merchants.

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