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Product set-up flow

Product set-up flow

Last updated: 29-Feb-2024
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Your 2Checkout account is extremely customizable and can adapt easily to serve all of your business needs. 2Checkout goes beyond payments to provide you with the commerce, merchandising, distribution, marketing, affiliate, channel, churn prevention and revenue recovery tools needed to get and stay out front.

Product catalog

Customize every aspect of your products/subscription plans. Configure fulfillment/delivery, product files, backup media (CD/DVD/USB drive), SKUs, trials, localized settings, shopper messages and notification, billing cycles, contracts, upgrades, and many others. 

Pricing and charge scenarios

Use pricing options to define complex pricing models for your products or subscription plans, adding cost components for each option or combination of options your shoppers can purchase. The capabilities at your disposal make it easy for you to easily adapt products or subscriptions to customer and market needs. You can configure pricing options and control: recurring billing; the number of users or seats; product type (basic, professional, etc.); support versions; usage and overage options and more.

Billing and payments

2Checkout Global Payments enables you to sell globally and settle payments seamlessly while providing shoppers with a localized and secure buying experience. It includes everything from intelligent payment routing and support for multiple payment processors to automated tax/VAT handling and powerful risk and fraud protection.

Ordering interface

Customize the out-of-the-box shopping cart templates offered by 2Checkout and create completely personalized designs of the interface your customers use during their purchase. 


Reach out to your customers in their own language. 2Checkout supports email translations and customizations in more than 33 languages (delivery emails, order emails, renewal/subscription emails, and order follow-up).


2Checkout's full-service online marketing capability includes everything from the development of your overall online marketing strategy to managed affiliate services, and everything in between - including end-to-end email campaign management, SEO, SEM, and cart conversion rate optimization.

Account set-up

Secure your account by restricting access only from specific IPs. 


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