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Last updated: 04-Apr-2022
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The new dashboard brings the most important operational data in one place. With the launch of the Verifone Central Dashboard, we provide insights enabling decisions that will move your business forward.


From the navigation bar, in the top of the Verifone Central you can access the Dashboard where you can see the transaction KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for your organisation(s) in a selected time frame. You can also select a baseline time frame to which you can compare your current data. The report is generated based on all transactions from all your payment channels such as Hosted Checkout, Pay-by-Link, Virtual Terminal, and POS.

Besides, selecting the organisation or multiple organisations available for your account, you can also use the following filters:

  • Time frame
  • Currency
  • (Sales) Channel

Select the organisation

  • Click organisation to search and select organisation one or multiple organisations available for your account for you want to the KPI's
  • You can select up to 10 organisations

Select the time frame

  • Use the time frame filter to select the "Current period" interval for which the data is being displayed, by either selecting a date range or one of the predefined time frames:
    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • Last week - Weeks start on Mondays
    • Last Month
    • Last 7 days
    • Last 30 Days​.
  • This time frame is referred to as the "Current period".

Comparing time frames

  • If the "Compare to" checkbox is switched on, you can compare the data of the “Current period” to the "Previous period". This “Previous period” should have the same length as the “Current period”, and they should not overlap.

Select the currency

  • Use the currency drop-down to show the transactions processed in that specific currency. If transactions are being processed with more than one currency, you will be able to filter per currency.

Select the channel

  • If you click the Add filter button, you can add an additional filter that enables you to filter for the sales channel (E-commerce or Point of sale).

 Track business metrics

All the information displayed on the Verifone Central KPI Dashboard is based on the time frame previously selected, and includes the following KPI's:​

  • Total Transactions​: Measures the total number of transactions in a given period. Will count only transactions processed in the selected currency. Transactions that end up being refunded, voided, or cancelled are also included in the total number of transactions.
  • Authorised: Measures the total authorized sales amount performed over a period of time, across locations including physical stores and online transactions, per selected currency. Cancellations and refunds do not affect the total authorized sales.
  • ATV (Average Transaction Value): Shows the average transaction amount for all purchases made, based on the filters.
  • Refunded: The value of the total processed refund amounts in the selected time frame.KPIs
  • Authorisation Rate: Represents the percentage of transactions successfully authorized from the number of unique authorization attempts made, over the selected time frame.
  • Most Used Payment Methods​: Shows an ordered list of most popular payment methods per selected organisation and currency.
  • Peak Times​: Payment traffic for all the reported transactions (declined, authorized, failed) over the selected time frame.
  • Sales by Country: Measures the total amount of settled transactions over the selected period per country, based on the merchant location.


The granularity of the graphs displayed for the Authorization Rate and Peak Times KPI are dependent on the length of the selected time frame. If the length is one day, then you will see hourly data. If the length is up to one month, you will see daily data. For longer periods, you can see weekly data, and then above three months you can see monthly aggregated data.

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