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In-Person Payments

Payment applications


The Verifone Payment Software Development Kit (PSDK) a PCI (Payment Card Industry)-compliant payment solution that offers simple and secure payments integration across regions, payment hosts, connections, payment protocols, Verifone platforms and devices, and merchant platforms and devices.


The Verifone PSDK simplifies and streamlines the development experience for developers. Different integration modes are using PSDK. This document will cover the brief about the fully-integrated mode (PSDK-SDI) and various documentation usage. (SDI - Secure Data Interface)


The Verifone Global Payment Application (GPA) is a standard payment solution for Engage platform. GPA allows for customizing the regional and local requirements by the concept of plug and play, which speeds up the development time and caters to customizable requirements of various segments such as Retail, Hospitality, Payment industry, Restaurant, Petroleum, Vending, Ticketing, and Banking.

Android User Guides

Welcome to Android User Guides documentation.



SCA POS point classic is an EMV-certified and PCI Compliant, subscription-based service that removed payment logic from the POS, limiting PCI & PA-DSS exposure.


XPI is an API that Verifone offers for development on most Engage devices.

Application Development Kit (ADK)

The Application Development Kit (ADK) is a collection of system components that provide a set of functions that can be used to build a payment application.

Payment devices


Verifone’s X990 is a thin, lightweight, portable smart device featuring the latest Android 5.X operating system. A rich software platform allows customers to create applications effortlessly, such as apps for membership management, loyalty, couponing, online booking, inventory, and sales management. 

Cloud payments

POS Cloud

Connect to your POS terminals using modern web APIs, opening up new methods for in-store commerce.

Verifone Cloud POS (VCPOS)

Verifone Cloud POS is a Verifone-owned product currently used only in Israel and US. VCPOS is a full-feature cloud-enabled POS system that is optimized for small and medium-sized merchants.

Device Management

Device Management

Device Management is a centralized system for you to manage your device estate and can be accessed right from Verifone Central. If you wish to order and board Verifone hardware and services through API, please visit the Order API documentation.

Payment Methods

Advanced Payment Methods

Start here if you are accepting Advanced Payment Methods (APMs) like PayPal and Klarna through a payment device.

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