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2Checkout Release Notes for September 2023

| 10.17.2023

Items released in production in September 2023:

To enable merchants to build more efficient churn prevention campaigns, we added in Control Panel three new fields in the Churn prevention feedback report:
  • Auto Recurring flag, that reflects the current status of the subscription ( on = AR enabled, off = AR disabled)
  • PriceAfterCPC, assigned to the subscription after it has undergone a Churn Prevention campaign
  • PriceBeforeCPC, the price paid by the user before entering a campaign
When placing an order with Purchase Order as a payment method via API, the placeOrder, getOrder and searchOrders calls will retrieve the InternalPONumber field in the PODetails property.
Enabled in Control Panel for the same promotions to be applied to a subscription even after the subscriptions was upgraded to a new version.
Fixed a defect in Control Panel that caused searching for orders by reference number to not work.
Fixed a defect in Control Panel that caused the count number on the downloaded partner invoices to be different from the one displayed in the Partner Invoice page.
Fixed a defect in Merchant Control Panel that prevented the Renewal forecast report from showing data when the See estimated volumes for renewals in [currency] option is enabled.
Fixed a defect in Control Panel that prevented auto-renewal from being applied to imported subscriptions.
Fixed a defect in Convert Plus that prevented the the country drop-down list from being visible in the One Step Inline theme when accessing Convert Plus via iOS devices.

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