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Increase sales and shopping cart conversion rates

Last updated: 21-May-2020
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Online businesses across multiple industries are facing a significant impact on sales because of the economic pressure of social distancing. In the past weeks, the general purchasing mindset has been redirected to online channels with customer behavior driven by necessity. This translates into an upsurge in online shopping but a decline in sales for other businesses given the spending priorities are shifting amid the uncertainty.  

While you cannot control the outcome of the current crisis, you can still safeguard your revenue and improve the ordering experience to reduce cart abandons growing risks.   

We’ve gathered a list of best practices and eCommerce tools to help you optimize your business to get more customers, increase sales, and recover lost revenue from abandoning visitors or unfinished payments. 

Offer discounts and promotions 

Discount smartly with advanced promotions.

  • Set up Promotions for your products by accessing the Marketing Tools section in your Merchant Control Panel and select the Promotion category
  • Incentivize shoppers to purchase your products in larger quantities with volume discounts. Follow this simple guide to configure volume discounts for your products. 
  • Offer percentage-based discounts to your customers, based on the number of unique products added to the shopping cart. In this guide, we show you how to configure and apply multi-product discounts
  • Extend the control over prices displayed throughout the entire buying experience with special price promotions. You can follow each step in this guide and create special price promotions and define the final order price your customers will pay.

Expand to new markets 

Provide global reach for your offer and empower customers worldwide with the localized buying experience they expect. 

  • Access new audiences and increase conversion rates worldwide and in emerging eCommerce markets.  
  • You can enable more payment alternatives in the Ordering Options section in your Merchant Control Panel by selecting the payment methods you want to activate for your customers.  
  • When selling internationally with us, you don’t have to worry about currency conversions and language translation because we offer you the following tools out of the box:  
    • Currency conversion and order localization enabled by default, powered by our Geo-Location IP address detection. 
    • 200+ Billing countries, which you can edit at any time by going to the Order options category under the Setup section. 
    • Additionally, you can further optimize your products and increase conversion rates by translating their name, description, and marketing details in more than 30 languages.  
    • In order to edit the display language for your products, go to the Products category, click on Edit product and select the languages in which you want to translate them, and then add the translation. 

Test new optimized shopping carts 

Optimize your checkout experience through new shopping cart templates and implement a fully responsive design to offer an engaging ordering experience.  

  • Start using Convert Plus as your primary checkout experience. It is optimized for international and local sales and has a new layout meant to improve your conversion rates, average order value, and overall revenue. Check out the newest optimizations for Convert Plus.  
  • Use InLine Cart if you have a smaller product catalog and want to minimize the time a customer spends on the checkout process. 

Turn lost orders into satisfied customers 

Retain more customers and lower the number of unfinished payments and cart abandonment rates. Use order recovery follow-up emails to reduce unfinished payment rates with up to 20% and set up cart abandonment email notifications to convert free downloads into customers. 

  • Activate follow-ups for customers with declined payments to recover lost orders with customizable notifications. You can do this by enabling the follow-up setting for unfinished payments from the Lead Management section in your Merchant Control Panel. 
  • You can further customize follow-up emails from the Email template manager section. 
  • Customers who have abandoned their purchase can be reminded to return and continue shopping, and you can convert them into paying customers. Here is an easy way to adopt the abandoned cart follow-up configuration: 

For any additional information on how to use any of these features, reach out to our Merchant Support Team or to your account manager


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