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Last updated: 10-May-2022
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The following chapter provides instructions on how to configure the Wi-Fi connection on the V240m or V200c (If Wi-Fi is supported on the V200c).

Step Instruction Screen Information
1 On the Communications Panel, select Wi-Fi on the touch screen. com_wifi_select
2 The terminal will then scan for available networks. com_wifi_5


3 Select your network from the available list. com_wifi_6

Using the terminal keypad, enter the Wi-Fi password and press OK on the touch screen to save. Check the network details are correct and press Add on the touch screen.


Keep pressing the number that relates to the required letter. To see small caps cycle back through on the desired number pad, as necessary.

5 The terminal now configures an interface. com_wifi_13
6 You will now be able to process transactions over the configured Wi-Fi connection. If you experience any issues, please contact the Merchant Helpdesk for support. com_wifi_14
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