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Last updated: 03-Jul-2023


In eCommerce, omnichannel refers to a unified and integrated shopping experience across multiple channels. It all comes down to offering customers a seamless and coherent experience, whether they shop online, through a mobile app, or at a real store.

How omnichannel works

Let's assume you wish to purchase a pair of shoes. You may search for shoes on a company's website from the comfort of your own home, add them to your online shopping cart, and then decide to try them on in a physical store. When you walk into the store, the employees can access your online cart, assist you with your purchase, and possibly even make personalized recommendations based on your previous online interactions.

Alternatively, suppose you're in the store and can't find your shoe size. An employee can check the inventory in real-time, find the shoes in another store, and have them delivered right to your home. You might also easily return or exchange products purchased online at a physical store.

In conclusion, omnichannel in eCommerce ensures a smooth and consistent buying experience by allowing shoppers to seamlessly navigate between different channels and obtain a unified experience. It seeks to combine the convenience of online shopping with the benefits of physical stores, resulting in a more enjoyable and flexible shopping experience for customers.

Verifone Omnichannel solution

With the Verifone Omnichannel solution, you can give your customers the opportunity to shop your brand in-store, online, and on mobile, in one unified buying experience. Furthermore, Verifone Hosted Tokenization offers a seamless omnichannel solution with an additional layer of security across all retail sales channels, including in-store, online, and telephone payments. You can read more about Omnichannel Tokenization here.

To keep your organization nimble and responsive, we can help you integrate your payment devices, eCommerce shopping carts, and every other touchpoint into a single, global payments architecture that connects all physical and digital businesses.

Our streamlined interface simplifies your access to a wide range of payment ecosystem links, such as POS applications, processors, gift cards, APMs, PLCs, and much more.

The Verifone Omnichannel solution covers everything from eCommerce to security and fraud and payment devices.

Our global eCommerce solution provides hosted payment pages to help you reduce compliance effort, full API checkout integration, plugins for easy integration, and payment links so that you can process and receive money.

By handling your entire end-to-end financial flow, Verifone Payments can take the stress out of international acquiring. We have a wide range of payment licenses across countries and continents and can assist you in receiving payments through both traditional and emerging channels.

Make the experience of paying in person unforgettable! Select a payment device from our wide range of options. Our payment devices include unattended machines such as kiosks and POSs, PIN pads, mobile and portable devices, multilanes, and site controllers. And the best part is that you can track, monitor and manage all your payment devices right from your Verifone Central dashboard.

If you are interested in our Omnichannel solution contact our Sales teams and they'll be happy to help you choose the best option for your business.


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