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In-store payments

Operating the Terminal

Last updated: 10-May-2022
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This section covers functionality that may be used in the operation of the terminal or during transactions.


The terminal has a menu-driven interface, where the user chooses from a list of menu options to initiate specific actions. This type of interface provides the user with an intuitive way of interacting with the terminal and its application.




On touch terminals such as the V240m, the User should press the menu_active button on the touch screen. On non-touch devices such as the V200c, the User should use the top part of the rocker key rock_key or the star_key key.

As a general rule, if the Key is selected on the terminal, the application will revert to the main (top-level) menu.

Also, once the specified timeout has been exceeded, the application will revert to the Main menu. The exceptions to this include- Incorrect password or Incorrect invoice (number transaction) where the screen reverts to the previous screen.




Navigate the menu using the touch screen or keypad. For example, to select the Transactions, press this position on the touch screen or press number 1 on the terminal keypad. This will present the list of transactions supported.



When more items are available on the menu than can be displayed, the page up or page down button will appear and can be touched on-screen or operated via hash_key for down, and star_key for up.

The back button or Clear key can be pressed to go back up one level of the menu. Pressing the cancel_key key will return to the idle screen.

Some menu options are password protected and those options will present the following screen:




If the incorrect password is entered a warning screen is displayed.





When idle, components in the terminal will be powered down to reduce energy consumption or save battery power.

Low Battery

On battery-powered devices, if the battery charge is below 10% the terminal will display a screen warning of low battery. The terminal will display:




Out of Paper

When the terminal printer is out of paper, it generates a beep and stops printing until the paper is replenished. Once the printer detects the paper, the previous printing job is re-started from the beginning. The following scenarios depict the terminal flow if the terminal runs out of paper or no paper roll is present:

  1. The terminal should detect when no paper is present and display this message once a transaction is initiated.




2. If the terminal runs out of paper while a receipt is printing, the device will wait until the paper has been inserted.

  • If a new roll has been inserted and the User presses Enter, the whole receipt is printed from the beginning.
  • If the user selects Cancel, the application will revert to the Main menu. But if a signature is required, and a Merchant receipt has not been printed, the transaction will be declined, and an auto-void will be performed.
Step Instruction Screen Information
1 The terminal detects when no paper is present or when the paper roll runs out during a transaction. If the new paper roll is inserted and the retry enter_key key is selected, the whole receipt is printed from the beginning. By pressing cancel or the cancel_key button the user can pass the screen and return to the Main Menu. out_of_paper_error
2 Display to inform the User that the receipt is printing. receipt_printing
3 Display to inform the User that any other printing is in progress. general_printing
4 If the printer becomes jammed or faulty, then a printer error may be displayed. This may result in the transaction being canceled. printer_error


Replacing Paper Roll

Use the following steps to load a roll of 57mm x 40mm thermal printer paper into the compartment of a V240m (diagrams shown below). Please note that although the compartment housing looks slightly different, the procedure is the same on the V200c.

  1. Unlock the paper compartment by pulling up the latch and swinging the door downwards.




2. Load the paper roll as shown below, with the edge of the paper on the top of the roll.




3. Pull a length of paper up over the serrated cutter and close the compartment door.




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