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In-store payments

Payment Software Development Kit Guide (PSDK)

Last updated: 17-Apr-2023

About the Guide

In this Section

  • Why this documentation is of interest?
  • Who this guide is for?
  • What’s desirable before you start?
  • How this guide is organized?


The Verifone Payment Software Development Kit (PSDK) is a PCI (Payment Card Industry)-compliant payment solution that offers a secure payment transaction.
The Verifone PSDK provides simple and secure payment integration across regions, payment hosts, connections, payment protocols, Verifone platforms and devices, and merchant platforms and devices.
The Verifone PSDK provides a simplified and streamlined experience to the developers.

The Verifone PSDK reduces the coding time and effort while giving you the tools to develop state-of-the-art solutions.

Intended Audience

This documentation is designed to serve as reference material. It is a step-by-step training manual to learn how the Verifone PSDK features and functionalities can be incorporated into your payment solutions.


Knowledge Prerequisites

We expect the users to have prior knowledge in the following, before starting the integration for a better development experience:

  • POS
  • POI
  • Payment App
  • Host/Payment host
  • Session
  • Order
  • Transaction

Guide Structure

This guide is structured as follows and helps you to get started with the Verifone PSDK.


Verifone Confidential

  This documentation is protected by law from any form of duplication unless prior permission is obtained from the officers of Verifone.

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