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Choosing the Right Language

Last updated: 15-Oct-2020
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Our gRPC Protocol Buffers can be used to access OakOS Platform Services from many languages and through the gRPC QuickStart you can learn how to compile and use libraries produced in these languages. In the following QuickStart guides, there is no need to read the services parts. You can skip to using the client as an example of how you can talk directly to our gRPC Services from your application.

Select a language to get started:

Language Platform Compilers / SDK
C/C++ Linux, Mac GCC 4.9+, Clang 3.4+
C/C++ Windows 7+ Visual Studio 2015+
C# Linux, Mac .NET Core, Mono 4+
C# Windows 7+ .NET Core, NET 4.5+
Dart Windows, Linux, Mac Dart 2.2+
Go Windows, Linux, Mac Go 1.13+
Java Windows, Linux, Mac JDK 8 recommended (Jelly Bean+ for Android)
Kotlin/JVM Windows, Linux, Mac Kotlin 1.3+
Node.js Windows, Linux, Mac Node v4+
Objective-C Mac OS X 10.11+, iOS 7.0+ Xcode 7.2+
PHP (beta) Linux, Mac PHP 5.5+, PHP 7.0+
Python Windows, Linux, Mac Python 2.7, Python 3.4+
Ruby Windows, Linux, Mac Ruby 2.3+
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