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Dashboard introduction

Last updated: 01-Dec-2020
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The dashboard is by far the easiest method of communicating to OakOS but might not have as many options as the OakOS API.

To access the dashboard you must have a username and password previously setup by ZIvelo Support or by your enterprise manager.

You must first login to the dashboard at

Dashboard basic functionality follows this process.

Claiming a device

Every OakOS unit has to be part of a domain. When the unit is first turned on, a claim code will be displayed and will need to be entered into the OakOS dashboard under your domain in order for the machine to be associated with your domain.

Accessing the device

  • View all devices in your domain seen by the OakOS system
  • Accessing all OakOS API calls through a graphical user interface (GUI) for each device
  • Viewing recent activity logs for all calls made to the API

Managing users and permissions

  • Add / Remove users
  • Manage user permission level
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