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Setting up a new device

Last updated: 27-Nov-2020
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This document explains how to setup a device, get machine information and set configurations. The example uses Postman to authenticate and make proxy requests via the Dashboard REST API over the network. Skip ahead if you are already familiar.

Obtaining an OakOS enabled device

Most OakOS enabled devices are already installed in a ZIVELO kiosk, however; one can be obtained through our distribution service. Please contact Verifone Services to arrange having a device shipped to your development team. In your email please include the following: detailed shipping instructions, your initial interest in using the system, and email contact and company domain for the developer or manager using our system.

Once we receive this email, an account on the OakOS Web Dashboard will be created for you.

When you receive verification that your account has been created, you will be able to authenticate with those credentials via the Oak Platform Dashboard or the OakOS API.

Claiming your device

By default when your receive your device, you should see a default message that has a Claim Code displayed. Every device seen by the system must be Claimed in order to function properly and be accessible to other systems. A claimed device will be assigned to your Domain and listed in order of the serial id (ethernet mac address).

Claim using the Oak platform dashboard

Claiming a device using this method is the easiest method. You will claim the device and instantly see it appear in the devices list below the input form.

Claim using the OakOS API

Using the OakOS API gives the user the same service as the Platform Dashboard with the additional benefit of being able unclaim that device.

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