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Last updated: 20-Oct-2020
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This tutorial shows how to capture telemetry using the example application.

The next tutorial goes into InfluxDB. After that, we have a tutorial that shows how to visualize your metrics with Grafana.

Tutorial Requirements

You will need to set up an InfluxDB database to continue.

Provider Security Requirements

In order to secure sending your logs, you will need to clone and customize component-telegraf to add your organization security credentials.

Clone the component-telegraf repository

Clone component-telegraf

git clone

You will need to customize the Dockerfile and set the environment variables to match your organization setting.

Install the example application and configure Telegraf

First, install the example application and Telegraf.

Use your organizations InfluxDB host in the Oak Platform API call.

Oak Platform (API): Install

    "services": [{
            "image": "",
            "environment": {
                "TZ": "America/Phoenix"
            "image": "{{dockerHub}}/component-telegraf:demo",
            "environment": {
                "INFLUXDB_HOST": "{{influxdbHost}}"


INFLUXDB_HOST expects the port in the URI.- {{dockerHub}} will be your private organization repository.

Once this package is installed, metrics will be sent to your InfluxDB server.

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