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Restricted countries and territories

Restricted countries and territories

Last updated: 12-Apr-2024
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The 2Checkout services and products are not available in the restricted countries listed below. 2Checkout does not accept merchants or businesses from these prohibited countries.

OFAC-Restricted Countries

The United States Department of Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is a legal entity that enforces and administers economic and trade regulations according to US foreign policies and national security goals.

Regulations and sanctions administered by OFAC are meant to protect shoppers from terrorists, traffickers, and other national security threats.

2Checkout is fully compliant with OFAC regulations, restricting shoppers from the following countries from placing orders:

  • The Republic of Cameroon
  • The Republic of Cuba
  • The Islamic Republic of Iran
  • The State of Libya
  • The Republic of Sudan
  • The Syrian Arab Republic
  • The Republic of Tunisia
  • The Democratic People's Republic of Korea

The list of countries can be updated without any notice at any moment by OFAC and will be applied immediately. Check the official OFAC website for the latest updates.

Shoppers from OFAC-restricted countries are unable to finalize payments or place orders, as the 'Buy' button is not accessible to them during the checkout process.

OFAC-Sanctioned Countries

  • The Russian Federation
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