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Products and subscriptions listing query parameters

Products and subscriptions listing query parameters

Last updated: 23-Jun-2020
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2Checkout offers query parameters to enable you to manage the listing of products/subscriptions in the My Products page of your shoppers' myAccount. 


All 2Checkout accounts. myAccount users can apply filters to manage the listing of their products/subscriptions


Parameter Description
  • All (default)
  • Non-recurring: displays products that are purchased with the lifetime option and items for which 2Checkout does not generate a subscription (evergreen/one-time purchase
  • Recurring: displays only renewing subscriptions, both manual and auto-renewal
OrderBy ExpirationDate. Used in combination with the OrderByType parameter. 
OrderByType Possible values: asc or desc. Used in combination with the OrderBy parameter. 2Checkout displays either last subscriptions to expire first, or the first to expire at the top of the page.

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