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Proposal statuses

Last updated: 16-Oct-2020
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From the time it's created a proposal will go through different stages (statuses) until it's accepted and paid by the customer.

Proposal statuses

Proposal status flow

proposal statuses.PNG

Proposal statuses

Proposal status Description
Opened A new proposal was created and sent for approval via Salesforce.
In review The proposal is being reviewed as part of the approval process.
Reviewed The review process is done and the proposal can be moved to the next stage.
Declined The proposal was declined. The status provided by the approval flow if the manager did not approve the offer created by the salesperson.
Rejected Rejected by the customer for various reasons. The customer's feedback should include the reason so that the salesperson can edit the offer before resending it.
Sent The reviewed proposal was sent to the customer.
Failed The sending of the proposal has failed due to platform issues and the event should be escalated to administrators who can check the error log for the issue.
Expired The interval during which the proposal could have been accepted/rejected has expired.
Accepted The proposal has been accepted.
Pending payment
  • Pending Payment - The proposal was accepted but the payment is still pending.
  • Rejected - due to Invalid Payment info.
  • Reverted - The proposal was paid but lost and the amount reverted to the customer.
  • Paid - The proposal was paid.
  • Refunded - The proposal was paid but lost and the amount was refunded to the customer.
  • Payment Canceled - The payment for the proposal was canceled.


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