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Install Verifone CPQ App

Install Verifone CPQ App

Last updated: 16-Oct-2020
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The Verifone native CPQ application on top of Salesforce will be used to manage existing subscriptions coming from the customer’s eCommerce websites, and to create proposals for new subscription plans or subscription amendments (renewal, upgrade - future phases).

The application will contain two ways of integration with the Verifone platform, as follows:

  • Verifone will push Products, Pricing Catalog, eCommerce Orders, Settings information into Salesforce via SF API.
  • Salesforce will push Offer information into Verifone, via APIs.
  • Salesforce will pull Pricing Configuration and Product Options information, currency exchange rates

The CPQ Application will be used to manage Subscriptions and Offers in Salesforce.


The Verifone native CPQ application is available on request for any merchants selling to B2B customers.


A high-level overview of the data flow between the SalesForce and the Verifone systems can be elaborated as follows:

data flow diagram.jpg

Access the Verifone CPQ Application

You can access the application by clicking on the App Launcher and searching for the CPQ application, as shown:

The CPQ App access

CPQ Settings

In the CPQ app dashboard, navigate to CPQ Settings to define different values and currencies that the system will use.

CPQ settings object.png

Once you click on the CPQ Settings button, you can start defining values like:

  • active currency
  • maximum discount
  • minimum/maximum payment terms

The CPQ defined values_active currency, maximum discount, minimum_maximum payment terms.png


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