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Top 3 converting purchase flows (funnels)

Top 3 converting purchase flows (funnels)

Last updated: 13-Oct-2021
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2Checkout offers you multiple purchases flows that you can use to drive your shoppers through the shopping cart, all the way to the 'Finish' page:

  1. Checkout with cart functionalities
  2. One page checkout without review
  3. One page checkout with review
  4. Add to Shopping Cart
  5. Checkout page
  6. Product page
  7. Express Payments Checkout

After carefully analyzing a selection of our customers' shopping cart performance, we've come up with the three recommended purchase flows that are generating the most sales.

If you are just starting to sell with 2Checkout and this is your first time choosing a purchase flow, you can't go wrong with one of the three detailed below.

If you already have some experience with the 2Checkout platform, we advise you to continually A/B test purchase funnel conversion rates, and you can begin by trying the purchase flows described below and compare their performance with the flow that you are currently using.


Before we dive into the actual flows, we'd like to give you a short overview of the conversion rates identified on them. 

  • The Checkout Page flow is the top performer
  • The One Page Checkout With Review flow is a runner up
  • The Express Payments Checkout funnel took home the bronze

Checkout page

The purchase flow with the highest measured conversion rate, this flow offers a non-editable purchase experience.

How it works: Your shoppers land on the billing page having the product options already added to their shopping cart.

Best fit: Quick and seamless checkout scenarios, with minimal input from your shoppers.


One page checkout with review

Another one of our best converting purchase flows, perfect if you want to provide a sleek and fast purchase experience to your shoppers.

How it works: The shopping cart summary, billing information and the payment details are all on the same page.

Best fit: The biggest advantage of this flow is giving your shoppers the opportunity to fill in all the required information in one page.

Express payments checkout

The third of our best converting purchase flows minimizes billing data entry depending on the selected payment method and facilitates high volumes of payments via PayPal.

How it works: Use the CARD URL parameter to control the flow:

  • use CARD=1 to enable Express payments checkout with review
  • use CARD=2 to enable Express payments checkout without review (this is the default behavior)

Best fit: This purchase flow allows you to take advantage of the optimized design to further streamline the available one page checkout flows.


These are our top three best converting purchase flows. 2Checkout offers you complete control over the shopping experience along with support to optimize the cart to boost conversion rates. However, keep in mind that conversion rate optimization is not a one size fits all technique, so we advise you to try them out and see what works best for you.

We also recommend running A/B testing campaigns to try out different purchase flows on different segments of your traffic and optimize your shopping cart accordingly.

When running an eCommerce business, one of the most important indicators of success is clearly your conversion rate. While many businesses invest a lot of time and money in optimizing the conversion rate of their websites or online stores, it's critical to understand that this process doesn't end with shoppers reaching the shopping cart. This is actually only half of the trick.

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