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B2B commerce and subscriptions

B2B commerce and subscriptions

Last updated: 14-Apr-2021
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As enterprise and mid-market software firms alike develop new SaaS product offerings to complement (or in many cases succeed) their incumbent on-premise solutions, they need to rewrite their business, engagement, sales, and monetization models. In this webinar, join guest speaker, Forrester Research VP, and Principal Analyst Peter Sheldon, as he probes the challenges of setting up and operating a profitable SaaS software business and the role that B2B eCommerce will play in automating the B2B sales cycle and improving subscription-based revenue.

Commerce expert Raj Badarinath, 2Checkout's VP of Product Marketing and Growth Services, covers the tools and best practices for companies to improve sales effectiveness and how navigating the Digital Commerce Lifecycle and the need to Always Be Converting at every step of the lifecycle will increase conversion, reduce revenue leakage and turn it into revenue uplift.

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • Why business model agility is key to a successful B2B online sales channel
  • How self-service tools are removing friction from the buying process
  • Why the use of consumption-based monetization models are becoming increasingly popular
  • The key capabilities that software firms need when selling B2B online in order to increase customer lifetime value and operational efficiency
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