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Maximize the value of every customer with 2Checkout's A/B testing tool

Last updated: 11-Oct-2021
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Have you ever wondered if you're using the "best" cart template for your customer demographic? Are you maximizing your revenue, or are you leaving money on the table?

Tune into this 33-minute webinar to learn how you can recapture customers as they're about to leave your site or cart. We'll show how to increase conversion rates by 10-20% within 3 weeks - without any upfront costs or internal resources. Don't think. Know.

You can answer this question by A/B testing your cart template, cart flow, add-on products, promotions, and placement of upsell offers. In this webinar, you'll learn about 2Checkout's A/B testing tool, and how you can run tests to maximize both conversion rates and AOV.

Regardless of whether you're a CRO pro or have only read about A/B testing, we'll provide the tools you need to get started and show a live demo of the A/B testing tool that is integrated with 2Checkout's digital commerce platform.

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