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Device Management


Last updated: 21-Feb-2023

Device Management supports remote access and provides real-time operations and performance data to help lower costs, make more informed business decisions, and increase ROI. It provides the ability to organize, maintain, manage, and monitor thousands of devices irrespective of their size or location. It allows the user to easily deploy new technologies such as alternative payments, mobile wallets, or on-screen promotional messaging. Device Management has significant Features like Asset Tracking, Multi-tenancy, and Rollouts. 

Rollout in Device Management is a significant feature for software downloads managed by software distribution and device application management system. The Rollout feature is a quick and efficient method for simultaneously downloading applications to multiple devices. POS devices use transaction automation applications for processing their transactions. These applications are usually downloaded onto the devices during device deployment and are upgraded when required. When the number of devices requiring a download is large, it becomes very difficult and time-consuming to download applications to the devices individually. The software management and content management systems make it easy to manage downloads across the estate.

Key Features

  • Device onboarding
  • Deployment packages management
  • Template-based rollout management
  • Remote software deployment
  • Parameter configuration management
  • Remote application parameters deployment
  • Simultaneously manage multiple estate rollouts
  • Content management










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