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Device Management

Asset Tracking

Last updated: 14-Nov-2022

Asset Tracking feature in Device Management is used to track the asset in each stage of the Device life cycle through a streamlined process.

Deploying the devices on Device Management is a two-step process, onboarding and registering.

Step 1: Onboarding the device is entering the device details on Device Management. The devices can be onboarded on Device Management through various modes, P2PE-Asset Tracking is one of the modes to onboard the device details on Device Management.

NOTE: Once the order is shipped from the Verifone store, the asset is tracked till it reaches the deployment center. The device details of the custodian, location and periodic inspection details of the device are updated on Verifone Central – Device Management periodically by the respective custodian till the device is deployed. Once the device is deployed the connection is established with the server.

Step 2: Registering the device is establishing or registering itself with Verifone Central - Device Management server for the first time, which is automatically performed. The device details along with the hierarchy information are updated in the Verifone Central - Device Management during the registration process.

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