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In-Person Payments

Last updated: 18-Jun-2024

namespace triggers

LoyaltyRequest : public com.verifone.commerce.triggers.CommerceTrigger

  • A request from the terminal Payment Application, allowing applications to present/add loyalty-driven offers. When requested, this app may present the interface to retrieve things like a phone number, email address, code, or other type of customer identifier.

Public Functions

inline BigDecimal getAmount()

  • Get the transaction amount.
   See also: Transaction::setAmount(BigDecimal)

inline String getCurrency()

  • Get the currency used for the transaction.
   See also: Transaction::setCurrency(String)

inline CommerceTrigger generateResponse()

  • Creates a LoyaltyResponse object to be sent in response to the request.

inline String getName()

Public Static Attributes

static final String NAME

  • The system name of the message.

Protected Functions

inline void populateMessageFromJson (@NonNull JSONObject jsonObject)

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