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In-Person Payments

Last updated: 25-Jun-2024

namespace payment_sdk

class ReceiptDeliveryMethodEvent

  • Contains the selected delivery method and, if relevant, the input value when asking the customer to select from a list of receipt delivery options.

Public Functions

String getMessage()

  • A user-readable message. This message may not be localized, in which case the type field should be used for determining a localized message.

String getSessionId()

  • Get the session ID for the session which triggered this event.

String getType()

  • The type of status. This will generally be SUCCESS for a status of 0, and contain a different type for other errors. For example, in a refund or void, it is possible to receive type TRANSACTION_NOT_FOUND. This may be used for localizing the specific messages as needed

int getStatus()

  • Get the status for this particular event. A status of 0 means success, any other status is a failure.

StatusInformation getStatusInformation()

  • Get the detailed Status Information StatusInformation.

String getEventId()

  • Returns the event ID associated with this event. Useful for matching the event received by the listener to the original status returned when issuing the call, for example, calling TransactionManager#reprintReceipt(Payment) returns a CommerceEvent containing an event ID, which will match the event ID received by the CommerceListener when the receipt reprint is complete.

String getInvoiceId()

  • The invoice ID for the transaction as a reference.

Transaction getTransaction()

  • The transaction associated with this event.

TransactionEventResponse generateTransactionEventResponse()

  • Generate transaction event response for the current event.
    • Returns: empty response when a standard transaction event. Child classes may implement appropriate responses as needed.

DeliveryMethod getDeliveryMethod()

  • Get the delivery method as selected by the customer. Refer to Receipt for more information.

String getCustomerPhoneNumber()

  • Get the phone number in the case of the SMS delivery method, or null otherwise.

String getCustomerEmail()

  • Get the email address in the case of the EMAIL delivery method, or null otherwise

boolean hasValueForType()

  • Check for delivery method has value of type EMAIL/SMS.

Public Static Attributes

static final String TYPE

  • Receipt delivery method event type.

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