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In-Person Payments

Last updated: 25-Jun-2024

namespace payment_sdk

class PromotionInfo

  • Detailed information of the promotion that has been applied by the terminal for a given promotion code by the POS.

Public Functions

inline PromotionInfo(boolean variableApr, boolean variableAprAfterPromo, Decimal apr, Decimal aprAfterPromo, String duration, String promotionDescription)
inline boolean getVariableApr()

  • is APR variable during promo period

inline boolean getVariableAprAfterPromo()

  • is APR variable after promo period

inline Decimal getApr()

  • APR value during promo period

inline Decimal getAprAfterPromo()

  • APR value after promo period

inline String getDuration()

  • promo duration

inline String getPromotionDescription()

  • description of the promotion

inline String toString()

Package Attributes

final boolean mVariableApr
final boolean mVariableAprAfterPromo
final Decimal mApr
final Decimal mAprAfterPromo
final String mDuration
final String mPromotionDescription

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