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In-Person Payments


Last updated: 15-Jul-2021
class NotificationEvent

Sent when various notifications are received from the terminal that might be helpful to the cashier.

Public Functions


Generate transaction event response for the current event.



empty response when a standard transaction event. Child classes may implement appropriate responses as needed.


Public Members

const System::String EventId

Returns the event ID associated with this event.

Useful for matching the event received by the listener to the original status returned when issuing the call, for example, calling com.verifone.commerce.payment.TransactionManager#reprintReceipt(Payment) returns a CommerceEvent containing an event ID, which will match the event ID received by the CommerceListener when the receipt reprint is complete.

const System::String InternalData

Get InternalData - mainly for legacy POS support.

const System::String InvoiceId

The invoice ID for the transaction as a reference.

const System::String Message

A user-readable message.

This message may not be localized, in which case the type field should be used for determining a localized message.


Get Notification type.

const System::String SessionId

Get the session ID for the session which triggered this event.

const Int32 Status

Get the status for this particular event.

A status of 0 means success, any other status is a failure.


The transaction associated with this event.

const System::String Type

The type of status.

This will generally be SUCCESS for a status of 0, and contain a different type for other errors. For example, in a refund or void, it is possible to receive type TRANSACTION_NOT_FOUND. This may be used for localizing the specific messages as needed

Public Static Attributes

System::String EVENT_TYPE

Notification event type.

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