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Last updated: 17-Jun-2024
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namespace payment_sdk

class LoyaltyAccount

  • A single record of a loyalty account

Public Functions

inline LoyaltyAccount(String entryMode, String identificationType, String identificationSupport, String loyaltyId, String additionalLoyaltyData, String loyaltyBrand)

inline String getEntryMode()

  • Entry mode of this loyalty

inline String getIdentificationType()

  • Type of identification of this loyalty

inline String getIdentificationSupport()

  • Support of the loyalty account identification

inline String getLoyaltyId()

  • The main ID of this loyalty

inline String getAdditionalLoyaltyData()

  • Base64 encoded additional data associated with this loyalty

inline String getLoyaltyBrand()

  • Brand of loyalty

inline String toString()

Package Attributes

final String mEntryMode
final String mIdentificationType
final String mIdentificationSupport
final String mLoyaltyId
final String mAdditionalLoyaltyData
final String mLoyaltyBrand

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