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In-Person Payments

Last updated: 12-Jun-2024

namespace payment_sdk

class DeviceScannerInterface

  • Implements network scanning to discover Verifone devices.

Public Functions

boolean IsFindingOneDevice()

  • Returns true if we’re only looking for one specific device on the network. This generally happens because we’re already paired with a device, or we’re configured to communicate with one specific device.

void SetIpAddressConfirmed(boolean isIpAddressConfirmed)

  • Set to true if the IP address is provided by the POS or through a fixed configuration, instead of dynamically discovered.

void StartScan(DeviceScanListenerInterface listener, HashMap<String, String> config)

  • Start the scan. The config can contain details such as the serial number / ID of the device, as well as the connection type. Right now, the connection type is assumed to be network, and no other connection types are supported for this scan, but maybe in the future?

void EndScan()

  • End the current scan. Does nothing if a scan isn’t currently running.

Public Static Functions

static inline DeviceScannerInterface Create(PaymentSdkInterface paymentSdk)

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