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In-Person Payments

Last updated: 10-Jun-2024

namespace payment_sdk

class ConfigurationEventResponse

  • Contains the response for an ConfigurationEventResponse

Public Functions

String getDeviceId()

  • Get the DeviceId

void setDeviceId(String deviceId)

  • Set the DeviceId when a request came from the terminal from ConfigurationRequestEvent.

int getStatus()

  • The status to mark it as failed for some specific reason. Common failed statuses include StatusCode::CANCELLED, StatusCode::COMMAND_TIMED_OUT, and StatusCode::UNSUPPORTED_COMMAND.

StatusInformation getStatusInformation()

  • Get the detailed Status Information StatusInformation.

void setStatus(int status)

  • See getStatus(). Set this status when responding to an input event request if the user cancels or if there is some error.

String getMessage()

  • The message in case of a failure. Primarily used for logging, though it can be displayed to the cashier to allow them to better respond to the specific error scenario.

void setMessage(String message)

  • See getMessage(). Set this value when responding to an input event request and there is some error, otherwise leave it empty.

Public Static Functions

static inline CommerceResponse asCommerceResponse(ConfigurationEventResponse configurationEventResponse)

  • Generate CommerceResponse from the provided response

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