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In-Person Payments


Last updated: 11-Jul-2024


NSString *__nonnull const VFIScannerStateEventSCANNERCONFIGURED

  • Scanner operations

NSString *__nonnull const VFIScannerStateEventSCANNERSTARTED
NSString *__nonnull const VFIScannerStateEventSCANNERSTOPPED
class VFIScannerStateEvent : public NSObject

  • Scanner State Event Handler

Public Functions

virtual nullable NSString * getMessage ()

  • A user-readable message. This message may not be localized, in which case the type field should be used for determining a localized message.

virtual nullable NSString * getType ()

  • The type of status. This will generally be SUCCESS for a status of 0, and contain a different type for other errors.

virtual int32_t getStatus()

  • Get the status for this particular event. A status of 0 means success, any other status is a failure.

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