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In-Person Payments

Last updated: 26-Jun-2024

namespace payment_sdk

class ReconciliationSummary

  • Represents the consolidated totals of sales/refunds/cashbacks/surcharges/gratuities

Public Functions

inline ReconciliationSummary(Integer totalTransactionCount, Decimal totalNetAmount, Integer totalRefundsCount, Decimal totalRefundsAmount, Integer totalSalesCount, Decimal totalSalesAmount, Integer totalCashbacksCount, Decimal totalCashbacksAmount, Integer totalSurchargesCount, Decimal totalSurchargesAmount, Integer totalGratuitiesCount, Decimal totalGratuitiesAmount, String acquirerName)
inline Integer getTotalTransactionCount()

  • Total transaction count.

inline Decimal getTotalNetAmount()

  • Total Net amount of whole transactions

inline Integer getTotalRefundsCount()

  • Total refunds count.

inline Decimal getTotalRefundsAmount()

  • Total refunds amount.

inline Integer getTotalSalesCount()

  • Total sales count.

inline Decimal getTotalSalesAmount()

  • Total Sales amount.

inline Integer getTotalCashbacksCount()

  • Total Cashbacks count.

inline Decimal getTotalCashbacksAmount()

  • Total Cashbacks amount.

inline Integer getTotalSurchargesCount()

  • Total Surcharges count.

inline Decimal getTotalSurchargesAmount()

  • Total Surcharges amount.

inline Integer getTotalGratuitiesCount()

  • Total Gratuities count.

inline Decimal getTotalGratuitiesAmount()

  • Total Gratuities amount.

inline String getAcquirerName()

  • The acquirer name.

inline String toString()

Package Attributes

final Integer mTotalTransactionCount
final Decimal mTotalNetAmount
final Integer mTotalRefundsCount
final Decimal mTotalRefundsAmount
final Integer mTotalSalesCount
final Decimal mTotalSalesAmount
final Integer mTotalCashbacksCount
final Decimal mTotalCashbacksAmount
final Integer mTotalSurchargesCount
final Decimal mTotalSurchargesAmount
final Integer mTotalGratuitiesCount
final Decimal mTotalGratuitiesAmount
final String mAcquirerName

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