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White Label

Last updated: 12-Jun-2024


The White Label feature enables you to customize the layout and designs of Verifone Central according to your marketing needs and objectives. Using an in-built editor, you can customize the colors and fonts as well as add your company’s logo and other related trademarks to the Verifone systems.


White labeling is available on a contract basis. If you are interested in using this feature, contact our sales representatives.

Activating the White-Label Feature

The Verifone Admin will create a specific account for the organization with the white label feature enabled. Once it is created, you should provide the domain names (main URL and login URL as well) for the white label enabled version of Verifone Central. Then, the Verifone Admin will configure the account to the requested domain names.

   Only users with the Provider White-Label Manager role can customize the interface, once a Verifone Admin grants this role to a user from your company. The Provider White Label Managers can only edit the organization which they are assigned to.

Using the White-Label Feature

  1. Log in to your Verifone Central account.
  2. Navigate to the Administration tab and click on the Organization section from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select the organization associated with the white label feature from the list.

    white label

  4. Click on the the Add custom styles button in the Branding styles area of the Reseller Details section. After clicking it, the Customize Interface page appears.

    The Reseller details section also contains the following information:

    Reseller Details

    • Domain name - the domain name where the application can be accessed from
    • Login domain name - the domain name of the login page
    • E-mail sender - an e-mail domain used by Verifone’s system to send welcome and password related e-mails to all users signed under the organization that applies the white label
    • Brand name - your brand name that will replace Verifone on all visual interface elements
    • Support information - your support contact details that will replace the existing information
    • Privacy Policy URL - the URL of the your company's privacy policy.
  5. On the Customize Interface page you can edit the interface and preview the changes made.


    In the Settings sidebar on the right you can edit the following:

    • Logo - you can add the company logo by drag and drop
    • Favicon - you can add your favicon images by drag and drop
    • Typography - you can select one of the predefined font styles from the drop-down menu
    • Colors - You can edit the colors and color ranges of the toolbars and pages. There are two editing sections:

      • Navigation bar - where you can set background and font colors for the navigation bar. After selecting the color in the Background color and Font color, click the Apply button in the lower-right corner of each of the two sections.
      • Buttons - where you can set buttons and font colors. After selecting the color in the Background color and Font color, click the Apply button in the lower-right corner of each of the two sections.

      Navigation bar

       In the custom styles, you have the option to select the colors for the above-mentioned components of the application, which will be reflected on the user interface (UI). 
    For other components, such as different button states and styles, dropdowns, filters, tables etc. the colors are customized automatically on the frontend, using special libraries to make the application more interactive.
  6. Click on the Apply changes button on the lower-right corner of the sidebar to preview the changes. This will only apply to the preview. To save the changes made, click on the Return to Organization button to exit the page and then click on the Save reseller details button at the bottom of the organization page.

    save reseller details

  7. Once you have completed customizing Verifone Central, visit the URL that was entered above as domain name. Synchronizing the settings takes a few minutes.

       If the settings are still not synchronized, click Ctrl+F5 (also referred to as hard refresh) to see the results. If the page is still not loaded, contact Verifone Support.

    White labeling also enables you to customize the e-mails that are sent out by the system such as welcome, reset password or password expiry e-mails. To customize the e-mails, contact the regional sales representative. The sales representative will then contact the administrators to validate and upload the agreed e-mail templates to the system and do the required configuration changes for this.

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