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3DS Contracts

Last updated: 04-Apr-2024


3-D Secure is an extra authentication step which can be requested by you from your shoppers during the Checkout flow. To enable 3-D Secure functionalities, a 3DS Contract needs to be created. The 3DS Contract ID will be needed in the Checkout configuration or Server-to-Server integration.

When required, a Verifone representative will set up the 3DS Contract for your organization. For additional information on 3-D Secure and its benefits, read 3-D Secure.


The 3DS Contracts feature is available to all users for viewing (read access), except for those with the Merchant External Partner role. Only a Verifone representative can create or edit a new 3-D Secure contract entity or delete an existing one. 

Viewing 3DS Contracts

To view this page, select Administration > 3DS Contracts from the top menu.


3DS Contracts

Use the search bar to look for a 3DS Contract by its name or filter the list of contracts by organizations.

Click any row in the table to view additional details of a specific 3DS Contract.

3D Secure details

The 3DS Contract ID can be easily copied for use in Checkout API or 3D Secure API integrations.

   When submitting 3DS authenticated payments, make sure the 3DS Contract ID and the Payment Provider Contract ID that you are using are associated with the same Organization ID.

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