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Transaction Filters

Last updated: 07-Feb-2023

Filter by transaction or settlement date

Transaction Filtering

Click Created date or Settled date to filter transactions based on a date range.

  • If ‘Created date’ is selected, the filter will include transactions initiated during the selected date range
  • If ‘Settled date’ is selected, the filter will include transactions settled during the selected date range

Filter by transaction details

Verifone Central Transaction Filtering by Details

Select + Add Filter to filter transactions based on the following transaction details:

  • Channel: Where the sale originated, e.g., from terminal or online (Note: For New Zealand, the ‘POS’ means the transaction was processed on an EFTPOS terminal in-store)
  • Currency: Currency in which the transaction was tendered, e.g., New Zealand Dollar (NZD)
  • Product: The card type used by the cardholder
  • Transaction type: The type of transaction, e.g., sale or refund
  • Transaction status: The status of the transaction, e.g., approved or declined
  • Wallet: You can view and export reports that display your transactions based on the wallet used (Google Pay, Apple Pay, MobilePay, Vipps, etc.)
  • Stored Credential Type: Stored data used to authorize payment in recurring transactions. There are two types:
    • Sign up- for the initial payment 
    • Charge- for recurring payments
  • Processor: The acquirer bank or institution that processed the payment.
  • Account Type: The type of account used in the transaction, whether it is a Debit or a Credit account.

Filter by transaction identifiers

Filtering by Identifier

You can search for transactions based on transaction identifiers (see below). Select a transaction identifier from the dropdown menu, enter the correct value for the transaction(s) you are searching for into the search bar and then click Search.

You can find some of these identifiers on your terminal receipts. (Note: Applicable for NZ only.)


  • Terminal ID: You can find this on all of your receipts. It is the last four digits of the ‘TSP’ number
  • STAN (System Trace Audit Number): The 6-digit number incremented for each transaction the terminal sends
    • Note: New Zealand users can find this on their EFTPOS receipt as the ‘Tran’ number. Example: 000287.
  • RRN (Reference Retrieval Number): Only available on some merchant EFTPOS receipts. Made up of the date the transaction was processed and the transaction STAN number (System Trace Audit Number). Example: 200807030680.
  • Batch Number: This is the settlement date of the transaction in the format YYDDMM
  • Reference: For transactions processed on an EFTPOS terminal in-store, this is the RRN
  • Settlement ID: Not applicable for New Zealand
  • Transaction ID: For New Zealand transactions processed on an EFTPOS terminal in-store, this is the RRN

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