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Payment (Provider) Contracts

Last updated: 10-Apr-2024


The Payment Provider Contracts (PPCs) option enables you to view a list of all service providers related to your organizations, with useful information such as your Verifone Merchant ID, the supported channels or payment types of the processors you work with. 


The Payment Provider Contract feature is available to all users for viewing, except for those with the Merchant Partner role. Only a Verifone representative can create a new payment provider contract or delete an existing one upon the merchant's request.


This feature provides the following benefits:

  • Enables you to view all the payment contracts and processors
  • Allows you to centralize important information about the payment contracts such as processor, sales channel and payment type
  • Enables you to safely share bank account details and PIM related configuration details with the processor

Accessing the Payment (Provider) Contracts Feature

To view this page in Verifone Central, select Administration > Payment (Provider) Contracts from the top menu.

PPC option

You can search for PPCs by name, and filter the list by:

  • Organization
  • Service provider 
  • Payment type

You can view additional details of a specific PPC by clicking its row in the table.

PPC list

You can view details about the processor configuration, including the supported channels, currencies, and payment types in the detailed PPC view.

This information is divided into the following sections:

  • General Information that includes general details regarding the PPC, such as:
    • Contract name: the name given to then registered PPC
    • Payment Provider Contract ID: the unique identifier of the PPC
    • Organization: the company the PPC is signed for
    • Merchant category code: numeric code of the merchant signing the PPC with the processor
    • Contract duration: duration of the PPC until it expires
    • Status: whether the PPC is Enabled or Disabled
  • Processor details, which includes information about the processor involved in the PPC such as:
    • Processor: Name of the processor
    • Acquirer: Name of the acquirer
    • Sales channel: Chanel used to process the sale and payment
    • Merchant ID: the ID of the merchant that signs the PPC with the processor
    • Currencies: the currencies used in the transactions covered by the PPC

You can easily find and copy the Payment Provider Contract ID and use it in Checkout and eCommerce API (Application Programming Interface) calls.

 Currently, merchants do not have the option to create or edit PPCs, so if any details are incorrect or missing, contact your Verifone representative or local support.  

PPC details

Surcharge Configuration

Processing fees or some other fees for processing of the card/plastic transactions to the card/processor may be required. You may pass some, or all of that fee on to the customer as a surcharge. You can add surcharges to payments, so that you can recoup the cost of acceptance from your acquirer/processor.

   Only users with Merchant Admin role can set up the surcharge.
  1. Go to Administration > Payment (Provider) Contracts.
  2. Select your Payment Provider Contract from the PPC list for which you want to configure the surcharge.
    PPC list
  3. Scroll down to the Surcharge Configuration area.
    Surcharge Configuration section
    Complete the following fields and select Apply.
    Surcharge Configuration
    • (Optional) Master Surcharge Percentage – enter a percentage amount that will apply to all the cards available in your PPC.

    Surcharge Configuration for [currency]

       You can override the Master Surcharge Percentage by editing the individual card scheme fields.
    • Minimum amount to trigger surcharge – select the minimum amount that will trigger the surcharge.
    • Maximum amount to stop surcharge – select the maximum amount that will stop the surcharge.
    • American Express – enter a percentage amount that will apply for the American Express card.
    • Diners – enter a percentage amount that will apply for the Diners card.
    • JCB – enter a percentage amount that will apply for the JCB card.
    • Mastercard Credit – enter a percentage amount that will apply for the Mastercard Credit card.
    • Mastercard Debit – enter a percentage amount that will apply for the Mastercard Debit card.
    • Visa Credit – enter a percentage amount that will apply for the Visa Credit card.
    • Visa Debit – enter a percentage amount that will apply for the Visa Debit card.

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