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Generated Reports

Last updated: 16-Mar-2023


The Generated Reports page in Verifone Central allows you to view and download all the reports on transactions and settlements that are automatically generated and created in other reporting areas such as the Report Scheduler. You can view all the available generated reports according to Report types, OrganisationDate when the report was generated or for a specific generated report you can search using the Report ID

Viewing Generated Reports

To view and export generated reports from Dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Verifone Central account.

  2. Navigate to Reports and select Generated Reports.

Navigate to Generated Reports

  3.  In the next window, you can filter the reports displayed based on Report types, Organisation and/or the Date when the report was generated. After choosing one of these options, click Apply to see the reports you are interested in.

Generated Reports Page Overview

  4.  To select multiple reports for downloading, check the box of the reports on the left-hand side and click the Download CSV button at the bottom right of the window. All the selected reports will be downloaded one at a time. 

Select Multiple Reports

  5.  When a new scheduled report is generated, a link to download it from the Generated Reports page is sent to e-mail addresses set in the Report Scheduler page. Users can only download reports for organizations they are granted access to. 

Downloading a Report

Report Types

You can view the following automatically generated reports: 

  • Daily Transaction Report -displays all PayPal and Venmo transactions made on a specific day. This report is used specifically for transactions made through APMs. 
  • Merchant Settlement Report - displays a summary report of all  settlements made to PayPal and Venmo transactions made on a specific day.Report Types


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