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Last updated: 06-May-2022
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The Organisations tab displays all the organisations you have access to.

Depending on the structure and size of your business (and your access level), your organisation might be a single business with one store, a single business with multiple stores, or have multiple stores across multiple businesses.

Verifone Central Administration Organisations

Click on the blue arrow on an organisation record to view the organisation details.

The initial structure of your organisation is based on your Eftpos NZ account structure. If you need to make changes to your organisation, call our Technical Helpdesk on 0800 338 767.

Verifone Central Administration Organisations John Doe


The organisations are available to all merchants.

Note: A Verifone representative will create an Organisation for you.

Payment Provider Contracts

On the Payment Provider Contracts (PPC) tab, you will be able to view contracts and agreements with your payment solution providers. The PPC tab will provide a list of all your current Merchant Facilities with useful information such as your Merchant IDs and supported features and payment types for each facility.

Payment Provider Contract

Points of Interaction

The Points of Interaction (POI) tab lists the points of interaction that populate your Transactions dashboard. This tab currently only lists your in-store terminals, but may include additional payment services as we roll out new products and features.

  • Name: Currently, this is the unique four-digit number at the end of your Terminal ID, which identifies which terminal this POI is
  • Organisation: The organisation associated with the POI
  • Terminal ID: Currently the same as the name column
  • Type: Displays the POI type. This field will be populated with ‘Point of Sale’ if the POI is an in-store terminal.

Points of Interaction


You can view and search for users in your organisation by name or email address on the Users tab, depending on your access level. Merchant admins can also add new users on the Users tab.

Creating new users

Here is how you can create a new user:

  • Select Administration > Users
  • Click Add New User
  • Complete the following fields:
    • Full name
    • Email address
    • Organisation
    • Access rights - determines the level of access needed for transaction tasks. See the "Merchant roles" section below.

The new user will receive an email inviting them to set up a password to activate their account. 

Creating New user

Note: Only users with Merchant Admin access can set up new users. 

Merchant roles

Here are the merchant roles and the permissions level of merchant's users:

  • Merchant Admin – This is an administrative role which can onboard new users & updates blocking rulesets. It is the Verifone Cloud Services account contact person providing Portal access to your employees. An organisation may have more than one Merchant Admin.  
  • Merchant Supervisor – This role is assigned to the owner of the organisation. This user is able to use all payment tools and perform all payment actions. It has read access for the Transaction dashboard, Organisations list, and POI list.
  • Merchant Cashier – This role has access to the payment tools, but cannot issue any refund. It has read access for the Transaction dashboard, Organisations list, and POI list.
  • Merchant User – This role and is granted viewing access, but restricts the user from performing actions. It is ideal for call center support staff. It has read access for the Transaction dashboard, Organisations list, and POI list.
  • Merchant Reviewer – This role is an external viewing role. It will grant viewing access for all dashboards on the Portal, but restricts the user from performing actions.
  • Merchant Order Admin – This role is assigned to users who can have permission to create, view and modify orders with Order Service and MOP UI. It is complimentary to the MERCHANT_ADMIN role, meaning this can be added to a user which also has the MERCHANT ADMIN role.

user roles

The table with the merchant roles is available for download in .PDF format

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