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Last updated: 14-Mar-2024


Verifone’s powerful reporting and data analytics help you understand and manage your business.  

VC Reporting

The Payments Dashboard offers centralized information on the total number of transactions and transactions amount values, refunds, payment methods, authorization rates and other key performance indicators for business strategy.

VC Dashboard


The reports service allows you to generate reports and view in one place all your reporting issues regarding transactions, 3DS, settlements, invoices payouts, based on the role that you have.

Reports turn data into insights that help merchants optimize their business. Using filters will help you get the information you need quickly and easily. Filters let you create a smaller subset of their data and isolate the information they require. 

Based on the transaction information you want to include in your report you can use different filters, such as: Organization, Merchant ID, Created/Settled Date, Currency, Channel, Product, Transaction type, Status, Stored Credential, Wallet, etc.

Payment Tools

Verifone Central makes you able to perform payment actions using the Payment Tools services: Virtual Terminal and Pay by Link

VC Payment Tools

Virtual Terminal is a tool that can be used to initiate payments for card-not-present (CNP) transactions. Virtual Terminal allows merchants to accept payments (when the physical store is closed) over the telephone or email. 

Payment actions like capture, refund, cancel/void are actions that can be performed on payments triggered by the Virtual Terminal. These actions cannot be performed through the Virtual Terminal, but only via the transaction details which can be accessed through the transaction reports.  

Pay by Link is an easy and secure way that allows merchants to receive payments from customers. You will generate a payment link by providing payment details (amount and currency) in Verifone Central. You can then share the link with your customers through the desired engagement channels. When your customers visit the link, they are prompted to complete the payment. After they have completed the payment, you can review the payment status and transaction details in Verifone Central under the Payment Links page. This integration method is available via Verifone Central and API.


The Administration panel provides a unified service to display information on your Account Setup, for Organization Company and Sites, Payment (Provider) Contracts, Points of Interaction, Users as well as for more Advanced Settings, as 3DS Contracts, Wallets, Blocking Rulesets, Notifications and Checkout Themes

VC Administration Menu

   Everything related on the portal belongs to your user organization.

Help & Support 

Based on your country and region you will get information to contact Verifone Support Center. 

VC Help & Support

   When the language is set to Arabic or Hebrew in the My Account section, the menus and buttons might be placed differently than in the other language settings. As a result, the documentation might not describe accurately the positions of menus and buttons for the Arabic and Hebrew language versions of Verifone Central.

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