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Audit Log

Last updated: 14-Mar-2024


The Audit Log allows merchants to monitor activities undertaken by their teams to minimize the risk of fraudulent actions, money laundering actions, or actions that might cause reputational or any other damage.

For this purpose, an Audit Log report is introduced.

The Audit Log is a record that displays the merchant's team's actions within the Verifone Central dashboard. The Audit Log report shows the activities performed by a user that results in data change.

Audit Logs are useful whether you want to manage cases, perform user activity analysis, or conduct a specific survey.


Only users with a Merchant Admin role can access the Audit Log section in Verifone Central. Events are recorded only when the users are logged in to Verifone Central.


The Verifone Audit Log aims to improve companies’ security and risk management.

Using the Audit Log functionality, merchants will be able to:

  • Access and find out the precise reasons for activities that affected specific operations or procedures
  • Keep the company safe with full visibility over daily activities made by users
  • Gain insight into fraudulent or unauthorized activities with the potential to damage the company’s operations and/or reputation

Access Audit Log in Verifone Central

  1. Log in to your Verifone Central account.

  2. Navigate to Commerce -> Reporting and then click on Audit Log.

    audit log report

  3. You can filter recorded events per time interval, OrganizationUser and Event type.


    • Click on Event type and select a specific action, for example, User updated
    • Click the Apply button. This action will filter all the user activities under the User updated event type.

    event type filter

  4. After setting the desired filters, click on a report line to see more detailed information on the logged event. Selecting a report line will make available the Event Details of the Event type.

    Event lines

  5. The Event Details window shows detailed information on the logged event: 

    Event details

  6. To reset all the filters and return to the Audit Log menu, click Clear filter.

    clear filter

    All the rest of the desired report lines from the Audit Log section behave similarly.

Selecting multiple organizations

Audit log now supports multi-selection in the organization filters. When selecting an organization, automatically its children organizations are also selected recursively.

   Only up to 100 organizations can be selected at the same time.

100 organization message

Audit Log parameters



Date and time Time stamp, when an action was undertaken
Event type

What kind of action was undertaken by the user 

User The name of the Verifone Central user, who has undertaken the action 
User email address  E-mail of the user in the Verifone Central application
User status Status of the user's account in the Verifone Central application 
Reason The reason for deleting a user
Organization  An organization assigned to the user to make actions with 
Item ID Identifier of the object that was modified 
User ID  Verifone Central identifier number assigned to the user 

Event types

The following types of events are displayed in the Audit Log report:

  • Business information related events (such as Entity Created, POI Deleted or Payment Provider Contract Updated)
  • User management related events (such as new user created, existing user deleted, user is updated) 
  • User interaction events (such as user account changes are executed, password is changed) 
  • Payment action events (such as Capture, Authorization or Refund) - used on e-commerce platforms

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