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Point of Interaction (POI) Settlements

Last updated: 16-May-2024


This feature enables you to view the settlement batches that are linked to the Points of Interaction (POI) registered to your organization and its underlying sub-organizations. Transactions are typically sent for settlements to the processor or acquirer in batches once or twice a day. The POI Settlements mode of view lists all the batches and all the relevant details related to these batches as per the Point of Interest (POI) set up for you. 

The reports have been made available for the following processors and acquirers:

  • Verifone
  • Verifone AU
  • NETS
  • EVRY
  • Swedbank
  • ABS
  • Wynid


Only users with Merchant Reviewer or Merchant Supervisor roles can access this report. As this this the default view of the Settlements functionality, it is only available on demand. For more information, contact your Verifone representative. 

Report fields 

report fields

You can search for specific transactions using one of the following report fields: 

  • Batch Number - a non-unique identifier of the settlement batch given by the processor 
  • Merchant ID-- Identifier assigned to the Merchant and known by the Merchant or Client, whether this is an external Client, Client System or Gateway,   
  • Settlement Batch ID- Identifier assigned to a settlement batch 
  • Point of Interaction ID (Terminal ID in Transaction details fields- the Terminal ID or any other ID that identifies the card accepting device: 

Settlement details

settlement details

Click on a settlement batch to view more details. The side panel is divided into two tabs: Transactions and Batch.  

The Transaction tab displays the following details: 

  • Transaction summary - the number of all the incoming (sale) and outgoing (refund) transactions and the total amount for each 
  • Total amount - the net amount (balance) calculated from all the transactions in the batch (Incoming – Outgoing) 

In the Transaction tab, you can also click on the View transactions and Download summary buttons. 

The View transactions button will redirect you to the Transactions report page and display the transactions for this settlement batch.  

The Download summary button allows you to download acquirer specific summary reports. This feature is currently available for the following acquirers: 

  • ABS 

The Batch tab displays the following details: 

  • Batch Created - the date when the batch is opened 
  • Settlement date - the date when the batch is closed and submitted for settlement 
  • Batch Number - non-unique identifier of the settlement batch given by the processor or acquirer 
  • Settlement Batch ID - unique identifier of the settlement batch generated by Verifone 
  • Batch Reference - an acquirer reference number, if available 
  • Merchant ID - the ID of the merchant 
  • Application ID- the ID of the application. This detail is currently available for Wynid. 
  • Point of Interaction ID - the Terminal ID or any other ID that identifies the card accepting device 
  • Processer - name of the processor 
  • Acquirer- name of the acquirer institute  

Batch details


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