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Reconciliation report template

Last updated: 02-Jul-2024

When you sell products and services through your online platform, you may want to calculate the revenue for a certain time and want to see all the relevant transactions after refunds and other actions have been performed. Such a report is also referred to as a reconciliation because it would include also the different refunds that were performed.

  1. Navigate to Commerce and select Orders / Transactions from the drop-down list.
  2. Select a time range or which you would like to see transactions displayed.
  3. Select Add Filter and set Transaction Type to Capture, Refund and Sale and Transaction state to Settled.

    reconciliation filters

  4. Click on Export CSV and select Manage Templates from the pop-up menu.
  5. Click on Create template in Transactions report templates.
  6. Enter the report template name and the Organization.

    Add template

  7. From the list of fields in the Report Content section select only the following. Click on Save template.
    • Organization Name 
    • Merchant ID 
    • Creation Date 
    • Creation Time 
    • Current Amount 
    • Current Amount Currency 
    • Transaction type 
    • Transaction ID 
  8. Return to the Orders / Transactions page, click on Export CSV and select the template you have created from the drop-down menu. 
  9. Click on Export and check your e-mail inbox for a link to download the report.

    export reconciliation report

  10. In the downloaded CSV reports, you can see all the transactions that were performed, any possible refunds performed for those transactions. The merchant ID is relevant if you have several business sites as part of your Verifone account, whether it's e-commerce websites or in-store locations. 
   Once you have saved a template, you can re-use it any time you need.

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