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Organization Company and Sites

Last updated: 11-Aug-2023

A Verifone representative will set up your organization entities based on your needs, whether you have a single business with a single store, multiple stores, or multiple businesses with multiple stores. 

Each user in your organization will only be able to see organizations based on its access level. 

To view this page, select Administration > Organization Company and Sites from the top menu.


organizations list

Use the search bar to look for organizations based on specific parameters. You can search by:

  • Organization name 
  • Tax registration number 
  • Verifone ID 

You can also filter organizations based on:

  • Country 
  • Type (merchant company, merchant site, and so on) 

To view additional details of a specific organization, click any row in the table.

details part 1
details part 2

The Organization ID is the entity ID that is required for Checkout and eCommerce API integrations. 

Under a specific organization, depending on your user’s permissions, you will find links to its parent entity, associated Payment Provider Contracts, and Points of Interaction. 

If you wish to use Verifone’s tokenization service, you will need to create a token scope under your Merchant Company organization and link it to your Merchant Site organization(s). 
For additional information refer to our Tokenization documentation.

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