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Points of Interaction

Last updated: 14-Mar-2024


A Point of Interaction (POI) is a physical point where a customer is interacting with the merchant to initiate payment. 

By setting up a POI, you will be linking the previously configured Payment Methods in the Payment Provider Contracts to a Point of Interaction. By linking the Payment Methods to a POI, these payment methods will be enabled on the device. 

Points of Interaction may include: 

  • Point of Sale (POS) 
  • Mobile Device 
  • Kiosk   
  • Unattended 
  • Standalone 
  • Auto Fuel Dispenser 
  • Auto Teller Machine 
  • Electronic Cash Register 
  • InFlight Commerce Terminal 
  • Inter Voice Response 
  • RF Devices 
  • Call Center 
  • Virtual 
  • Ticket 


The Points of Interaction can be viewed/read by all roles except for the Merchant External Partner, Reseller Manager and Reseller Representative roles. For more information, read Users and merchants roles | Verifone Central | Verifone Developer Portal. 


This feature provides the following benefits:  

  • Enables you to view your in-store solutions 
  • Allows you to centralize important information about your terminal such as Device Type, Terminal ID or the Payment Provider Contract it is associated with. 

Accessing points of interaction 

The Points of Interaction (POI) page lists the points of interaction that are associated with the organizations to which your user has access.  

To view this page, select Administration > Points of Interaction from the top menu. 

point of interaction

POI list

You can use the search bar to look for a POI by:

  • Device Serial Number 
  • Name  
  • Terminal ID 

You can also filter the search results by:

  • Organization  
  • Status 

To view additional details of a specific POI, click its row in the table. 

POI-General Information

In the detailed POI view, you will find details about your point of interaction, such as the Verifone Terminal ID, and Type of point of interaction. 

Based on the type, additional fields can be available, e.g., Device serial number, Device ID, etc. for devices of type “Point of Sale”. 

If any Payment Provider Contracts are associated with your POI, they will also be listed on this page. 

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