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Transaction Data

Last updated: 14-Mar-2024

Transaction data includes information regarding the transaction details, history, possible actions for the specific transaction (e.g.: capture, void, refund) and even documents needed for a transaction (e.g.: different type of receipts).

Click a particular transaction to see additional details about the transaction.

transaction details

  • Organization: The organization associated with this transaction
  • Reference: The transaction reference number. For New Zealand in-store EFTPOS terminals, this is the RRN
  • Channel: Where the sale originated, i.e., on a terminal or online. If the channel is given as ‘POS’, this means the transaction was processed on a terminal in-store.

Click on the tabs to see more information about the transaction:

  • History: Past transactions with their log information: date, time, amount, currency, user
  • Actions: Operations that can be performed on each transaction such as: CaptureVoid and Refund. The actions available depend on the type and status of the transaction.
  • Details:  More detailed information on the transactions including organization, settlement status and 3DS details. See the Report column section below for more information.
  • Customer: General customer information such as name, billing and shipping address.
  • Documents:  The tab enables the option to resend either the Merchant or Cardholder Copy of the transaction receipt. For more details check the Payment documents documentation.
   Note: If the search criteria is too broad, a banner above the search results will indicate that the data may take longer to load.

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