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How to export a report

Last updated: 05-Apr-2024

You can generated and export transaction reports in the Transaction reporting page of Verifone Central.

  1. After applying filters to display the transactions you want to export, as per the Transactions Reports documentation, click on Export CSV to generate a transaction report for download.


  2. Select the basic or the full report type.

    Choose the Include all transaction types checkbox if you want to get a more detailed export which includes all available transactions.

       Unlike the transactions visible in the Transactions page, if the Include all transaction types checkbox is on, the export CSV will contain every single transaction that matches the configured filters. 
    For example, the Void, Capture, etc., transactions are added as separate transactions in the report. 

    These follow-up transactions are not displayed in the Transaction Reports page as a separate line. The relevant information, such as transaction type, status or current amount, is reflected only as updated fields in the initial transactions.

    • Basic report will contain the same columns as the transaction table in Verifone Central.
    • Full report will export all transaction details which are available for export. 
    • Customized report you or another user in your organization has created. You can customize your own report template by clicking on Manage templates. For more information on how to customize your reports, please see Customize a report template. 
       The sequence of the columns in the CSV report may experience changes in the long term, so that any possible automations on the merchant side should rely on the column names only and not on the order/sequence of the columns.
  3. Depending on the number of transactions displayed in the search results, different screens will be displayed.

    • If there are less than 10.000 transactions, click the Export button to generate a report ID.
      Less than 10k transactions
    • If there are more than 10.000 transactions, click the Generate report button to generate a report ID.
      more than 10k transactions
    • If the report contains 500,000 records or more, then the report will not be generated. A transaction line in a transaction report will contain the initial and the follow-up transaction as well. This is why the transaction counter may differ from the actual number of transaction included in the CSV report. If the transaction counter exceeds 500,000 then a message will be displayed in the Export CSV pop-up menu, informing you that the report cannot be exported. If the counter does not exceed 500,000 and actual number of transactions recorded in the exported CSV report does exceed that limit,  an e-mail will be sent automatically to inform you that the report was not generated due to the limit breach.
  4. Whenever a new report is generated, you will receive an email containing a link to download your report.

    email link

  5. Alternatively, you can navigate to Reports and select Generated reports. In the Generated reports list, insert the report ID in the Search field and click on Download.

       Depending on the size of the report, it may take up to several minutes for it to be generated.

    downloading reports 2

For definitions on all transaction detail fields displayed in the report, see Transaction details fields.

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